22 may, 17:00 (+3 GMT)

Adopted dog: what to expect
What is the webinar about:
When we adopt a dog, especially a grown-up dog, we have a certain picture in our head. We expect the dog to be happy and grateful for the new wonderful life we provide. Sometimes we can't get way from anthropomorphism. We want to give the best possible life to our new family member and we need a clear picture to be able to do it.

It its turn a dog finds itself in a completely new world, new circumstances, having no idea how does this new world works. The dog needs help to accommodate and learn new rules. And it is not an easy process, taking into account the traumatic events in the dog's life, coping strategies that used to be effective in the past, negative experiences and really low welfare level.

In order to provide a realistic picture of what an adoptive family can or will face and how to be prepared to certain situations and behaviours, we organised this 30-minute webinar.

  • Can a dog act aggressive if there has been no aggression cases in her/his past?
  • Can a dog develop a guarding behavior against its own owner/ one of the owners?
  • What does the first week in a new home looks like for an adopted dog?
  • How we can minimise the stress and clarify the rules in the new home from the very beginning?
About the speaker:
Natasha Bystrova
Animal behavior specialist
  • Proud owner of three adopted dogs
  • Rehoming and adaptation counsellor at "Call of the Wild" animal shelter (Moscow region) in 2011-2016
  • Head of CURIOUS MOOSE dog school (Riga, Latvia)
  • Dog behavior consultant
  • Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE) Associate Member
  • Graduate and teacher of School of Applied Ethology (Israel)
  • PhD student at A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Graduate of Karen Pryor Academy (USA)
  • Graduate of "Dog Emotion and Cognition" course of the Duke University (USA)
  • Lecturer and participant at numerous international animal behavior conferences and seminars worldwide
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